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More and more people suffer from back pains.

This can considerably impair the quality of life of those affected, even if in only rare cases they are the result of serious illnesses. In most cases poor posture or inappropriate weight-bearing, as well as the lack of movement, lead to painful hardening of the back muscles. Relieving postures, muscle weakness, the loss of muscle mass and a general restriction of mobility as resulting consequences eventually lead to back pains.

All the advantages of Tendo at a glance
  • - Aids recovery from unspecific back pain

  • - Prevents back pain even with little training

  • - Low purchase costs, high-quality processing

  • - Easy to use

  • - Customisable to multiple users

  • - Made in Italy (South Tyrol)

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"Be active and help yourself."
TENDO is a health orientated, sport-scientifically tested back training device. It imitates the intuitive “dangling” and enables functional spine gymnastic, as well as the strengthening of the entire torso muscles. 

Both healthy people, as well as those with back pains, perceive the traction produced by TENDO as very pleasant and relieving. Through the stretching of the spine the intervertebral disc can absorb fresh nutrient liquid like a sponge. At the same time the muscle fascia are stretched, which helps to loosen entanglements and adhesions and which counteracts any discomfort. 

"As an athlete of the Italian National ski team I am constantly exposed to extreme training strains where I often feel pain in the lumbar region. With TENDO I can actively counteract this problem and stabilise my torso muscles. The manageability of the device allows me to take TENDO with me wherever I go."

Patrick Thaler

Ski racer

What makes TENDO special

Ceiling mounting

Approved by the TÜV, the mounting system enables a fast mounting and dismounting of the equipment. It is UV - and weather - resistant and is very easy to affix.

Individual adjustment possibility

In order to achieve the best possible personal effect you can change the angle of the upper body: extend or shorten the straps in front. This adjustment has an impact on the kind of traction and its intensity. Try out various adjustments and find your own ideal position.


Only premium and robust materials are used and their processing is of top quality. For this reason TENDO has proven to withstand the highest of strains and will provide you with joy for a long time.  

Back parts

There are two back parts included in the delivery which enable a size adjustability and which make TENDO usable for more than one person. (XS – L).

Wear TENDO correctly

In this video we show you how to wear TENDO in a professional way, in order to make the most of the effect of the back strain relief straps.

Exercise with TENDO

These exercises improve the stability of the spine,
Strengthen the trunk and relieve the intervertebral discs.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Mounting

  • How and where can I affix TENDO?

    TENDO can be affixed quickly and easily into a load-bearing structure (for example concrete or strong wooden beams), aided by the provided attaching system.
    TENDO can also be attached to strong branches or self-supporting pillars or wooden beams with the help of a loop. 

  • What is the minimum height required to hang TENDO up?

    In order to use the full functionality of TENDO (free hanging…) a ceiling height of at least 2,20m is necessary

  • Can I replace components of TENDO (Video)?

    Yes, it is possible to replace components such as the rope or the suspension set.

       Unthread rope and harnes 
        Thread rope and harnes 

  • How use it

  • Can men and women use TENDO?

    Yes, TENDO can be used by either gender as an individual adjustment of the device is possible.

  • Does one need help to use TENDO?

    One can use TENDO without any problems alone, as it is very easy to handle. To set the initial adjustments it is quite helpful if another person assists, however, it is also possible alone. 

  • Application areas

  • Can I also use TENDO after a slipped disc?

    The intervertebral discs are elastic cushions between the vertebral bodies. Through inappropriate weight-bearing or degenerative changes the anulus can tear and parts of the inside of the intervertebral disc enter the spinal canal. We speak of a slipped disc and this can lead to minor or major pain.
    Even in these cases TENDO can create relief as the pressure on the intervertebral disc, and hence also on the spinal nerves, is reduced and the reduction of the prolapsed pulpous nucleus can be accelerated. 

  • IS TENDO suitable for different body types?

    Due to the two back parts provided in the package a size adjustment is possible and therefore TENDO can be used by people with different body sizes (XS-L).

  • Is TENDO suitable for problems in the neck area?

    With TENDO you cannot achieve traction, mobilisation or strengthening in the neck area as the immobilisation of the body occurs in the chest area and is therefore only effective from that point on.  

  • Payment options and shipping

  • How to pay?

    • Paypal

    • Credit card

    • Bank Transfer:
      Transfer the amount in favour of the bank account denominated in komed KG
      Bank: Raiffeisenkasse Deutschnofen - Aldein
      IBAN: IT50H0816258660000300004677
      SWIFT-BIC: RZSBIT21006
      The shipping will be done after receipt of the transfer. Please send the confirmation and the exact delivery address to info@komed.

    • Collect on Delivery:
      Send the order confirmation and the exact address to

    Delivery and transport costs

    For the countries of the European Union:
    Free delivery by Bartolini Express In approx. two business days from dispatch.

    Express- Delivery        € 59,00

    Orders from other countries: Costs on request (


komed - Health & wellbeing

We are a young company from South Tyrol – Italy, dedicated to applications in the field of back health. In close cooperation with therapists, sport scientists, users and technicians we develop innovative products of the highest functionality, quality and simplicity.

The man behind TENDO
Mag. Dieter Kofler

As a sports scientist, licensed back physiotherapist, former competitive sportsman (member of the Italian national bobsleigh team) and coach of competitive and amateur sportsmen I was, and still am, often confronted with back pains.
Personal experiences with severe back pains and the necessary expert knowledge led to the development of the back relief harness TENDO.

Back pain?

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